When negativity surrounds us – How do we keep hope alive? Grandma Ruth in The Heart of Christmas knows the answer…

Join Zargon and his faithful servant Mustafa, as they embark on a quest to find the King of the Universe! In this Christmas Musical!

Beautiful Music!


“I have no words to explain how deeply this musical has impacted my life. I often listen to the songs on repeat throughout the day.”

Mary Kathryn

“The music in this production is so beautiful and anointed! The melody lines just gets in your heart and in your head.”


“Watching The Heart of Christmas really brought faith and energized our kids. I could see the excitement in their eyes with every scene change.”

The Heart of Christmas tells the life story of Ruth, who is an orphan survivor of the 2nd World War. She is adopted by an American nurse and a British soldier and arrives to her new home in New York in the 1940’s. Her very first Christmas gift, is a precious book that will become an heirloom for her family in generations to come – The Servant King. 

This book recounts the remarkable story of the Persian wiseman Zargon, and his faithful servant Mustafa, on their search to find the King of the Jews who should be born in Bethlehem.

As they embark on the arduous quest, Ruth’s family, is brought back to Biblical times, to experience some of the most defining moments in the history of mankind.

Listen to one of the theme songs from The Heart of Christmas.