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Entertainment That Inspires Faith

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DAVID – The Shepherd Warrior

A story of the young King David, and the challenges that shaped his faith and friendship with God.

DAVID – The King of Jerusalem

A musical movie of the life of King David, and how he rediscovers being a man after God’s own heart.

In God We Trust

A patriotic musical movie for your family that shows God’s faithfulness in the history of the USA.

“Powerful Songs!”

I have no words to explain how deeply these stories and music have impacted my life. I often listen to the songs on repeat throughout the day. They have become part of me and inspire me everyday to greater levels of strength, wisdom, and faith. They truly have touched my life in an amazing way.

Legacy Productions | Testimonial

Watching these musicals with our kids is one of our favorite activities to do as a family. They energize faith and bring the Bible to life, not only as good entertainment, but as a life changing experience! One that I know has changed them forever. Through these powerful stories and unforgettable melodies, the word of God has been carved on their hearts and will follow them wherever they go.


These biblical musicals are the perfect tool for me to give away to family and friends. I have seen it happen over and over that when they watch the stories and listen to the music, they are moved and inspired in the deepest way, even when they were not expecting it.

Mary Kathryn

Faith Comes by Hearing

Has there ever been a more exciting – and challenging – time to be alive? As households of faith, we understand that we are in a battle – not over a border – but for the hearts and minds, and the very souls of our children and families.

We have all witnessed the power of media to sway public opinion, change laws, and even redefine morality, becoming the greatest influencer of our society. And that is why we at Legacy Productions are so excited to introduce you to Legacy TV!

Legacy TV is a brand new streaming platform that will put inspiring Faith Based entertainment right at your fingertips. From our studios to your living room or to your children’s devices, you will now be able to access these powerful resources on demand. We will introduce your families to the stories of the Bible in a fresh and compelling way, one that will capture their attention and keep bringing them back hungry for more!

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Music for Your Heart

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In God We Trust

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DAVID – The King of Jerusalem

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The Servant King

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